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By making a donation today, you will become a partner in helping us build communities and change lives. With your support, Servants Without Borders can help countless communities and individuals overcome the effects of poverty, disaster, and social injustice to create a successful future for themselves. Your contributions allow us to provide services and resources in Education, Health and Wellness, Economic Development, and Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability.

Every dollar counts and your gifts are guaranteed to make a difference in the lives of many. Together we can make a difference in the life of a person, the fabric of a community, and the state of the world.

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  • Goal - $1.2M
$8,514 Collected

Servants Without Borders
Bringing relief to communities
that are suffering

Our mission is to bring relief to communities that are suffering from the ravishes of natural disasters, poverty, and social injustice. We address the needs of underprivileged citizens in these communities by taking intensive grassroots action that directly impacts their daily living conditions.

Through our efforts, we seek to improve the economic, educational, environmental, and health conditions of disadvantaged communities. As our programs and initiatives are implemented, we will transform impoverished communities into safe and healthy environments in which residents can thrive and enjoy the quality of life that every American is entitled to possess.

BEcome a Volunteer
Help serve those around you

There’s nothing more rewarding than serving others. When you volunteer with Servants Without Borders, you are making a real impact. Every time you give through your service, you are helping to build a community and change a life. Volunteering can be a life-changing experience for you too—every interaction offers a learning experience.

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